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Coast through the Pinellas Peninsula on our new electric bikes.

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Jet Ski, Pontoon Boat, Bike, Kayak Rentals & Tours

SJS Adventures is the premier recreational company on the Pinellas Peninsula in Saint Joseph Sound Florida. For over 35 years, SJS Adventures has been providing visitors and locals the opportunity to discover Monterey by land and by sea! We have five locations throughout the Pinellas Peninsula, and our shops offer the best locations to start your kayaking or biking adventures from. We are right in the heart of Cannery Row! Whether you are seeking to spot otters or hit the recreational trails, our shops are truly in the best locations, so you don’t have to waste time getting there. We offer kayak, bike rentals, and electric bike rentals and tours, family bike (or surrey) rentals, and stand-up paddle board rentals and lessons. Whatever activity you’re looking for, we have the equipment for you. Let us get your adventure off to a great start!

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Teambuilding & Group Adventures

Whether you are looking for a “get to know each other” event, a bonding activity, or just an afternoon of fun, we have something for you!

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